Hi! I’m Alison. Welcome to The Compassionate Memorialist, where I share my passion for cemeteries, creative cemetery memorials, grief healing, permanent remembrance and a glance into my career as Arkansas’ only Certified Memorialist.

I’m a mother to two teenage daughters, Jacy and Sasha, and married to my best friend and fellow memorialist, Scott. Everyday Scott and I (and, on occasion, our daughters!) work together to create the most beautiful memorials. We love sharing our business and passion with others and are glad you are here.

I learned early on that memorializing a loved one in the cemetery is truly a gift to both the deceased and to future generations. My life has been filled with memories of visiting cemeteries at Decoration Day where stories were passed down, lineages were shared and fellowship was had. I learned to appreciate the hardships of those before me and to respect and build upon their legacy. My hope is to use my passion for cemeteries and cemetery memorials to help others preserve memories for their own families and future generations.

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