Custom headstones are a passion of mine and these angels are beautiful! Permanent cemetery memorials are special symbols of life and love that I am honored to create. Monuments like the one I made for Mr. & Mrs. Smith are eye-catching tributes that will stand the test of time.

When Miss Judy and her husband came in they knew they wanted angels. Miss Judy collects angels and often wears a beautiful angel wing pendent. After getting to know her, I am convinced she’s an angel too! I am certain that, as lifelong educators, the Smith’s were angels to countless students. Teachers like them just have a way of saving students by making them believe in themselves!


Of course it would make sense that the Smith’s would want an angel memorial. Angel memorials are beautiful and perfectly fitting for them! And because I have created countless angel memorials over the past 15 years, I have an archive of ideas to help inspire them.

Looking at what other families have done can be very helpful while creating a memorial. Not only does it help you gather inspiration, but it also helps you see the textures of the stone. The White family memorial that I created in 2009 is the perfect inspiration for Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

The White Memorial, completed by Emerson Monument Co. in 2009, is the beautiful inspiration for the Smith Memorial

Another great way to get inspiration is by getting a copy of my exclusive Memorial Creation Journal. This journal will help spark inspiration and ideas and you can get your free copy here.

Sketching the Angels

I am fortunate to work with amazingly talented people who can customize anything! After collaborating with the Smith’s our team got to work by hand-sketching a few ideas.

Of course the first sketch isn’t always what the customer has in mind and that’s okay! We just keep collaborating with them and sketching until it’s perfect.

Version 1 of the Smith Memorial
Final version of the Smith Memorial

Angels Created in Clay

As a Certified Memorialist, I want every monument to be perfect. Whether the stone is big or small, it is important to me that it be a perfect representation of the people (or person!) it is memorializing.

Because it is difficult to communicate the textures and overall look of a hand-sculped memorial with computer aided technologies, I like to go the extra mile by creating a clay model. Clay models allow the customer to see the textures and carvings in the final product and make changes where necessary.

While I don’t use clay models with all of my custom memorials (for example, I did not use them with this custom angel memorial), clay was the perfect solution for the Smith angels.

When The Angels Are Finally Carved!

Look how tall these beautiful angels are! For reference, I am standing next to them and I am 6’ tall!

Cemetery Installation

Cemetery installation requires careful planning and collaboration. We work with the customer, the cemetery sexton and our installation team to ensure installation day is a success.

These solid granite angels have a total weight of 5,008 lbs. While many shy away from such weight, our installation team tackles the challenge with precision in mind. Our installation team is specially trained in handling such large, heavy memorials with care and consideration. They treat every part of the grave and the memorial as if it were their own- even if the graves are not yet occupied.

Isn’t this memorial beautiful?! I am so proud of these angels and know the Smith’s are too.

To learn more about the Smith angels, or to begin the memorial design process, please click here.


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