How does anyone buy a headstone when they are broke?! Well, the answer is that they are ultimately determined to find ways to make it happen. After having worked with all kinds of people, I have learned that that the secret is determination.

You all know that I love working with the people I serve. Over the years I have worked with all kinds of people. I’ve worked with nice, cranky, scared and confident people. I have worked with mega-wealthy people and I have worked with homeless people. Death impacts us all.

Today’s post is all about how those people who have hit incredibly tough financial times can honor their loved one with a beautiful memorial. How they have worked to create a special memorial for someone they love regardless of their financial position- and you can too.

Top 5 Tips

Trying to buy a headstone when you have no money is overwhelming and discouraging. But keep reading for my top 5 tips on buying your loved one a headstone- even when you are broke.

Re-evaluate your desires

Your person is so important and you want the world to know that! Sometimes people associate the size of the memorial with one’s importance. But, as you and I both know, size does not always indicate importance or love. However, beauty does.

Rather than going for something large, try striving for something simple but beautiful. To do this, know what story you want to tell about your loved one and simplify it. Doing this will allow for a smaller stone (and lower cost).

For help with knowing what story to tell about your loved one, check out our exclusive Memorial Creation Journal. And, if all else fails, remember that the ultimate desire is for his or her name and dates of life to always be remembered.

Choose a less expensive material

While the different granite colors are is beautiful, they can also be expensive. Consider using a gray granite material that is less expensive for your loved one’s memorial.

Memorial grade granite is the best material to use for a memorial. Not countertop granite, not concrete, not marble, but memorial grade granite. Remember- you want this monument to be permanent. DO NOT compromise on the type of stone but do be willing to compromise on the color and size.

Work with the Monument Company

As a certified memorialist, I am used to working with all kinds of budgets- everything from unlimited to nonexistent! If a customer communicates their situation to me, it is easier for me to help them find nice but inexpensive memorial options. By knowing the financial situation I can also work with the customer to create a reasonable payment plan or point them in the direction of a agency, fund or group that may potentially assist them.  

Brainstorm Ways to Get Funding

Be creative! I have had customers do everything from crowd-sourcing, fund raising, non-profit help, odd jobs, spaghetti suppers, etc to raise money for the monument. Sometimes a little creativity can yield quick results.

Be Patient

Sometimes it feels as though you have looked everywhere, talked to everyone and still come up empty handed. If this is you, if you are trying to buy a headstone when you are broke, be patient and remain diligent! Consider honoring your loved one by placing a temporary “Keepstake” memorial and begin making future financial plans to purchase a permanent memorial.

Do you have any tips you would like to share? Comment below!


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