What?! This almost sounds too good to be true- clean a headstone while you sleep?! Are you kidding?!

NO! We are NOT kidding! With D2 Biological Solution you can totally clean your headstone while you sleep.
Do you ever wonder how those beautiful white headstones at Arlington National Cemetery look so clean and pristine? Ever wonder how the White House stays so white?

Well, the secret is D2. And we have some to share!


I like to compare stone to a teenager’s skin. Many different factors may cause acne, but the most known contributors are oil and fine grime that get into the skin’s pores.

If you ever battled acne as a teen (or as an adult like me!) or have a teen who is currently struggling with it, then you know that it is important to use cleansers and topical solutions that will get down into the pores and cleanse them.

The same is true with stone.

Stone, too, is porous and attracts various elements that contribute to biological growth. Dust & dirt, tiny little seeds, droppings from critters or trees, etc get into the pores and cause unwanted growths or staining.
The best way to clean and prevent this type of growth is by using a solution that will soak into the pores and tackle the problem from the inside out while also preserving the headstone.

How to Use D2 & Clean a Headstone In Your Sleep

Using D2 to clean a monument is so incredibly easy! All you have to do is spray the solution onto the stone and walk away. Go home and relax, sleep, spend time with your family and let D2 do all of the dirty work.

Of course, you need to make sure you have some dry, sunny days in the forecast for several consecutive days and use the solution liberally. While you don’t have to use the entire quart on one small stone, it is important to use the solution according to the directions on the bottle and to make sure that you spray the entire surface of the headstone. The top, bottom, sides, engravings- spray everything!

I like to go out to the cemetery about two weeks after I spray a stone to check on it. Every once in a while, if the growth or staining was severe, it might require a re-application. But, most of the time, it is a one and done kind of deal!

For more information on how to use D2 from the manufacturer you can check out this site. For a list of “tools” and other information on cleaning headstones, checkout this post.

Now that it is spring and Memorial Day is just around the corner, swing by Emerson Monument Company and grab a quart or gallon of D2 to keep your monument looking it’s best.


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