I just heard a bird chirp and I know spring is in the air! And that can only mean one thing: it is finally time to start thinking about my cemetery arrangements!

I love visiting our local cemeteries during spring and summer. The stones feature brilliant cemetery arrangements bursting with fresh, brightly colored ribbons and flowers. They are always so vibrant and cheerful, full of hope and renewal.

If you enjoy honoring your loved one(s) with flowers and décor in the cemetery, then you will LOVE this year’s newly released Pantone colors!

Color Trends

Each year Pantone lists the most popular “on trend” colors for fashion. And guess what? This year’s colors are inspired by “blending comfort and familiarity with unexpected delight”!

I love these colors and their inspiration- they are perfect representations for grief as well. When we lose someone we love we long for their comfort and the feelings of familiarity they provided. However, as we journey through grief, we do hope to find little nuggets of unexpected delight.

Those little “unexpected delights” – fun memories that pop up, beautiful photos you may find, the little things that make you smile- remind us to keep on going. And what a better way to remember than in your spring and summer cemetery arrangements?

This year's Pantone color's are perfect for bold, brilliant and beautiful cemetery arrangements.
Top Colors for Fashion AND for Cemetery Arrangements in 2022

Which of these colors is your favorite? The vibrant Innuendo is mine!

Color & Memories

Last year’s colors reminded me of my maternal grandmother. But, one reason the Innuendo is my favorite is because it reminds me of my paternal grandmother.

My grandmother was so fun and spunky. I would always ask her how old she was and her response was always the same, “I am Sweet Sixteen,” she would say with a smile.

She lived in a cute little white house with a classic porch swing to the side. Oh, how I loved that porch swing! I spent hours sitting on it with her, waving a neighbors as they passed by.

And, of course, anyone who passed by would comment on her signature geraniums. They were big and bold and beautiful, sitting in large urns on the steps to the porch. She was so proud of her geraniums and I plant them every year on my own front porch in her honor.

So for me, Innuendo represents those gorgeous summer nights spent with my grandmother- rocking on that swing and admiring those giant geraniums.

Isn’t it funny how colors can spark memories?

Flowers and Pantone Colors

For my personal cemetery arrangements I prefer to work with florists. I love working with other creatives to achieve the perfect look for my loved ones.

But if you are creative and crafty and have the time, then absolutely try to make your own!

Print the Pantone chart and use it as a guide to select the colors that are most meaningful to you. To add interest to your arrangement consider adding unexpected elements such as faux eggs (ie Easter eggs at Easter time or more realistic looking bird eggs at other times), ribbons, ting-ting and more.

The most eye-catching cemetery arrangements are those that are bold, beautiful and imaginative.

Pro tip: If you are using a florist be certain to place your order well in advance. Be very clear about your ideas and welcome their suggestions.

Displaying Cemetery Arrangements

There are countless ways display your cemetery arrangements. Of course there are the traditional floral saddles and vase arrangements. But there are also less traditional ways such as using hanging baskets with shepherd’s hooks or securing wreaths to a flower trellis.

Pro tip #1: Remember- your cemetery arrangements will be outside in the elements. Be certain to choose high-quality florals that will not fade or bleed onto the headstone. Also, be sure that your arrangements are secure and will not blow away. Tricks include floral wire, fishing wire, tent stakes and florist foam.

Pro tip #2: Be aware of your cemetery’s rules and regulations surrounding décor. Not following those rules may result in the removal of your beautiful tribute- and nobody wants to go through that!

What are some creative ways you have decorated at the cemetery? Share with us!


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