Memorial Day is near, meaning it’s time to go get cemetery flowers! And if you enjoy decorating at the cemetery, you will LOVE this summer’s trending colors!

Decorating at the cemetery is a special tradition that many families enjoy together, including mine. I love cleaning family memorials and decorating with all kinds of things. Of course the most popular way to decorate cemetery memorials is with flower arrangements.

Different Styles of Cemetery Flowers

If you are new to decorating at the cemetery then you may be interested in knowing there are several styles of cemetery flowers to choose from.

The first and most common style is vase arrangements. Many cemetery memorials feature vases to place flowers in. The trick to using these is to use florist foam with the arrangement. The florist foam will add stability to the stems and help keep them in vases during windy moments.

Isn’t the vase on Little Miss Sherry-Lynn’s memorial pretty with all of their flowers? I love how they added a colorful strand of garland around her memorial as well.

Sweet little angel memorial in Morning Rose granite with cemetery flowers in a vase.
Sweet Little Angel Memorial in Morning Rose Granite with Cemetery Flowers in a Vase

The second most common way to decorate is with cemetery flower saddles. Sometimes people are not familiar with the term “saddle” but you will immediately know what I am talking about when you see it. I love decorating our front sign for holidays. This festive Fourth of July saddle (on the top of the sign) is so pretty! A local florist came up with this idea.

Emerson Monument Company sign with floral saddle and vases with cemetery flowers.
Emerson Monument Company Sign with Festive Cemetery Flowers

Each year Pantone lists the most popular “on trend” colors for fashion. And guess what? This year’s colors are inspired by the beauty of nature. What a perfect inspiration for an outdoor place of remembrance like the cemetery!

It is always fun to use new, vibrant colors while decorating at the cemetery. While it may be habit to use the same colors or the same types of flowers time after time, it can also be fun to change it up a bit.

Which of these colors is your favorite? The vibrant Raspberry Sorbet is mine!

Color & Memories

I think one of the reasons the Raspberry Sorbet is one of my favorites is because it reminds me of my grandmother. My grandmother made a beautiful raspberry tart when I was a teen. I don’t remember why she made it or if it was even for a special occasion. But I certainly remember it!

That raspberry tart was stacked with four delicious layers of cream and cake and raspberry filling and it was gorgeous! I will always remember how perfectly beautiful and tasty it was. In fact, I think I have a photo of her holding that tart somewhere- I will have to go dig it out!

Update- I was able to locate the photo of my beautiful grandmother and that delicious tart! Oh, I am so glad I found it! Isn’t it amazing how colors, or the names of colors, can spark memories?

Where to Buy Cemetery Flowers

People always ask me where to buy cemetery flowers. The absolute best place to buy them is from a local florist. After all, your local florist is a small, locally owned business and cares about making your arrangement(s) special.

Tip: Consider placing your order with your florist in advance to allow plenty of time for them to make the arrangement(s).

Decorating at the Cemetery

The most important thing is that you feel good about the decorations you place at the cemetery. As long as they fit within your cemetery’s guidelines and come from the heart, you can’t go wrong. Drop me a line and share your cemetery decorating tips!


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