Welcome to the Compassionate Memorialist! My name is Alison and I absolutely love the work I do. Each and every day I get to sit down with families and truly get to know them. I get to laugh with them, cry with them and work with them to create something beautiful for someone they love. And that is such an incredible honor!

I’m a mom to two teen daughters who occasionally work in the family business, and am married to my best friend and fellow memorialist, Scott. Everyday Scott and I work together in our business, Emerson Monument Company, with the most incredibly talented team. Our team shares our commitment to creating stunning cemetery memorials for everyone we serve. We love sharing our business and passion with others and are glad you are here.

Why I Love Memorials

I learned early on that memorializing someone you love in the cemetery is truly a gift to both the deceased and to future generations.

I have many fond memories of going to the cemetery with my parents and grandparents. Here our family stories were told, lineages were shared and memories were made. Through those memories I learned to appreciate and build upon the legacies of those before me.

As a child, teen and young adult, I did not dream I would one day become a memorialist! In fact, I thought I wanted to be an accountant! It's funny how, over time, your calling in life becomes more clear.

Over the past 14+ years I have followed my calling and have served as President of the Monument Builders of North America and as a voting representative on the Funeral and Memorial Information Counsel. I am the only Arkansan to achieve and maintain the highly desired Certified Memorialist designation and constantly strive to learn more.

My hope is to use my passion and professional knowledge through the Compassionate Memorialist to help others preserve legacies for years to come.

How To Use the Compassionate Memorialist Blog

Getting Started On a Memorial

Most people find me because they are interested in creating a memorial and want to learn as much as possible before they start. If this describes you, this section of my blog is exactly where you want to be! Here you will gain inspiration, understanding and confidence.

Another great way to get started is with my free, exclusive Memorial Creation Journal. Creating this journal for others to use has been a dream of mine for years! The prompts will guide you through various information and ideas, ultimately giving you a more clear vision of what the memorial should look like.

Maintaining a Memorial

I spend a lot of time in cemeteries. And, as a result, I have tons of maintenance tips, tricks and ideas! If you want to ensure your monument always looks it's best, click here.

Learning to Live With Grief

Everyone experiences grief differently. And, because everyone experiences it differently, everyone also copes with it differently.

Ultimately, no one can truly understand exactly how you feel unless they have experienced the same type of loss. For example, no one can truly understand the pain of losing a spouse unless they, too, have lost a spouse.

While a trusted mental health professional is always the best option for helping you through this journey of grief, I am glad to share with you various tips and suggestions from grieving clients. I share these tips in this section of the blog.

Drop Me a Line!

I truly believe that, as we walk through life together, we learn from one another. Drop me a line and share with me who you are and who you have lost. What is their name and what have you learned through your journey?


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