Where do you look for memorial money for a headstone when you don’t have any? There are several places you may not have considered looking.

Know Where to Look!

Above all, when searching for memorial money, it is important to be willing to ask. There are several agencies, non-profits and platforms available that provide memorial money and/or memorial options to families. While you must be willing to apply, whether or not you or your loved one qualify for them is a totally different issue. Some great places to inquire include:

  • If your loved one was a Veteran he or she may be eligible for a free military marker through the Dept of Veterans Affairs. I suggest you read this blog post BEFORE visiting the Veteran’s Affairs website.
  • Crime Victims Compensation if your loved one died as the result of a crime committed by someone else
  • Non-Profits aiming to help others with expenses (especially if your loved one is a minor child)
  • The Tribe if your loved one was a member of an Indian Tribe
  • FEMA if your loved one died of COVID-19
  • Your loved one’s employer (inquire about any life insurance benefits you may not be aware of)

Crowd Source for Memorial Money

Sometimes admitting that you need help gathering memorial money is tough. It can be even tougher when you make that need known publicly. However, it is important to your healing and to the healing of other family and friends that your loved one not be forgotten.

Crowd-sourcing platforms such as Go Fund Me are popular for families seeking memorial money. Additionally, the monument company and/or funeral home may have access to crowd-funding resources.

Consider a Consumer Loan

It might not be ideal, but sometimes a consumer loan is the best option for a family. Visit with your local bank about the possibility of taking out a consumer loan to cover the cost of the monument. If they are unable to help you they may be able to offer other suggestions for financing.

Ask About Payment Plans

If you still come up short handed for memorial money, ask about After Pay services and payment plan options. While monument companies typically will not make the monument until the bill has been paid in full, many are locally owned, super-understanding and happy to work through payment options with families.

Consider Buying a Temporary Piece

Sometimes the memorial money finances just don’t work and might not work out for some time. There is no shame in that! In fact, sometimes it is better to just be realistic and purchase something small that can be replaced in the future when you CAN buy what you want. A great example is purchasing a small, engraved granite marker that you can place at the head of your loved one’s grave now and move to the foot later when you are able to purchase what you want.

Finding memorial money might take a bit of time, but when know the avenues to look, you should be able to find something that will work for you at this moment.


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