Creating a headstone for someone you love is a special act of endearment. The memorial is a lasting gift to ensure permanent record of their life and legacy. Of course you want it to be absolutely perfect!

Initial Steps

The very first thing you will want to do while creating a headstone is download my Memorial Creation Journal. This journal is invaluable and will be a tremendous help as you walk through all of the decision points for designing the perfect memorial.

The Memorial is a Permanent Record of One’s Life and Legacy

The very second thing you will want to do is visit with one of our memorial sales counselors. They will listen to your thoughts, needs and concerns and offer solutions for each.

Creating a Headstone: What if I Miss A Detail?

However, even with the highest level of forethought, it is common to think of something last-minute. If this is you- if you are creating a headstone and worry you may have missed something- please keep reading!

Our list of 5 Smart Things to Think Through While Creating a Headstone will help you think of everything before your memorial hits production.

5 Smart Things to Think Through Now

  1. All Information is Absolutely Accurate! This is the most crucial detail! When you work with our team of memorial professionals, you will receive proofs of what the monument will look like. It is important to double check all information (even yours!) to vital documents such as birth and death certificates. If you need an extra set of eyes, ask myself or your memorial counselor and we will be glad to help you double check!
  2. Consider Using the Back! If you are creating an upright headstone or a slant, it is important to remember the monument does have a back side. The back will be blank unless you order text or a design to be engraved on it. Some ideas include the kids’ names, a favorite verse, advice to future generations or even a design.
  3. How Will You Decorate? Everyone grieves differently. Some find comfort in honoring their loved one in the cemetery with flowers. Others find comfort in honoring them elsewhere or in other ways. It is okay to not know your grieving or decorating style. Vases come in all shapes and styles. We have vases for flat markers, slants and uprights. If you need ideas about vases please do not hesitate to contact us!
  4. Don’t Forget About Veteran’s Markers. Veterans with an honorable discharge may be eligible for a military marker from the Veteran’s Administration. Having a Veteran’s marker in the cemetery helps groups locate Veterans to place flags at their graves on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. You can find information about the VA markers at this link to their website. Don’t forget to let us know if you decide you’d like to order one- we can make arranging for delivery and installation a breeze!
  5. Consider Adding a Photo. We add a lot of photos to headstones after they’ve been installed . It is never too late to add one. In fact, if you have are currently creating a headstone, you can add a photo at this link right now! We can also add photos to memorials that have been made and installed in the cemetery for years.

Next Steps

If you decide you would like to add something to your order, then the next step is to call us. If you worry you forgot something while initially creating a headstone, or simply want to talk through the process, give us a call! We love talking about ways to honor those we love.

If you feel confident that you remembered everything, checkout this post to learn The Surprising Way We Make Headstones. It will help you better understand the process your memorial will go through.


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