People are shocked and dismayed by the way we make headstones! They are surprised to learn the stones are crafted almost entirely by hand. And are amazed by the true craftsmanship that goes into each and every memorial. No matter how large or how small, every headstone we make is created with the highest level of precision and care.

How to Make a Headstone

As humans, when we love someone, we want to honor them. And to honor someone’s memory is to remember and to never forget. That is why creating a permanent cemetery memorial is so important. It is an act of love. An act of honor. And the ultimate act of remembrance.

Of course the very first step you need to take to honor someone with a permanent memorial is to decide what you want the monument to look like or say. My Memorial Creation Journal is the perfect guide to assist you with all of the decision points.

Once you have discussed your design ideas with one of our memorial counselors, you will receive a proof of what the monument will look like. When you receive the proof you will want to review it for accuracy. In fact, it will be helpful to checkout our 5 Smart Things to Think Through While Creating a Headstone. This will further help you ensure that you haven’t missed anything.

After you approve the design, the production of the monument begins. This video is so fascinating! Click the short video below and check out how your monument will be made. I bet the steps we take will surprise you!

If you are currently working on a memorial for someone you love, you may find this grief-related post helpful. Our post, Someone I Love Has Died, Here is How You Can Help Me, is packed full advice that your support system will find helpful. Check it out and consider sharing it with those closest to you so they can better help you.


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