Oh, my goodness, this historic memorial is so simple yet so very elegant. And, believe it or not, it is absolutely full of symbolism! It is one of my favorite local historical memorials and I am so excited to share it with you.

Nestled on a shaded hilltop cemetery in the heart of Springdale, sits this stunning memorial.

Chi Omega themed memorial with beautiful cemetery symbolism
Memorial for Jobelle Holcombe, which is beautifully maintained by Chi Omega

Notice how clean this memorial is in comparison to the older memorials behind it? The pristine white marble, towering above the others, speaks to the average passerby like a beacon on a hill. It tells just one of many stories of the legacy left by Miss Jobelle Holcombe- an inspirational lady whom I have loved learning about. And I am so excited to share it and it’s memorial symbolism with you!

Memorial Symbolism

One of my absolute favorite uses of symbolism is found in this very memorial. It is not an obvious use and one that you likely do not see when you look at it. But, when I explain it to you, you will never look at this memorial the same!

Miss Jobelle Holcombe’s memorial is made of marble. Marble is a common memorial material but, like all rocks, does not tell a story until it is quarried, shaped and carved. And her memorial is no different. In fact, it was quarried, cut and SHAPED to tell a beautiful story of accomplishment.

The shape of this memorial tells an amazing story of the legacy of Miss Jobelle Holcombe. In my very first ever “Vlog”, I share with you why the construction of Ms. Jobelle Holcombe’s memorial is so important in communicating her legacy.

Honoring a Legacy

When I interact with memorials in the cemetery I always find myself wishing I could have met the person. What advice would they give me? What would they tell me the most important thing about them is? I always wonder!!

While I do not know what she would tell us, I am certain her words would be thoughtful and wise. Miss Jobelle’s legacy with Chi Omega may be found on this website along with several photos.

One of my favorite aspects of being a Certified Memorialist is learning about the people I am helping honor. I love learning about the legacies they leave behind and then carving them in stone.

Summing up the life of someone you love, on such a small surface space, can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! Let me guide you through that with my Memorial Creation Journal. This journal will walk you through the steps and ideas necessary to create a permanent piece that will forever honor a loved one’s legacy.


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