Fireworks + A Loved One’s Ashes = Going Out With A Bang!


The first time I heard of popping a loved one’s ashes into the sky as a firework, I thought they had to be kidding! But, the person telling me about it was not kidding. In fact, he had just been to the most unique end of life celebration ever. A fireworks display! The family had special fireworks filled with their loved one’s ashes. Then they selected special place and shot them up into the night sky. What an amazing funeral idea that truly allows someone to “go out with a bang”.

Speaking of “going out with a bang”, I decided to look up the true meaning of the idiom and discovered that The Free Dictionary defines it as “To finish or cease doing something in a spectacular, great, or exciting manner.”

One Mom’s Journey

But just because it is a “spectacular, great or exciting” way to say goodbye, doesn’t mean it isn’t also a meaningful and emotional moment. Everyone is different and, of course, chooses to honor their loved ones differently. For this mom, sending her son “on his final journey in a blaze of color and stars”, was a beautiful way to say goodbye. Checkout the video below to see what she did.

How to Plan a Fireworks Farewell

Planning a farewell involving fireworks in honor of your loved one is a very personal choice that takes some pre-planning.

Hire a professional

When you grieve it can be difficult to keep your thoughts organized. It can also be difficult to think creatively. Enlisting the help of a professional will help you ensure that every detail for this special moment is perfect.

I highly recommend working with a funeral director or certified celebrant. They will be able to utilize a trustworthy pyrotechnic to respectfully handle your loved one’s ashes.

Pro Tip: If you desire to enlist the help of a funeral home, research your local options and choose one who is known for creative funeral ideas. It does not have to be the same funeral home or cremation service you used to cremate your loved one.

Know Who You Want to Invite

Having family and friends honor your loved one with you is important. Do you want to invite everyone who may wish to honor your loved one? Or, do you prefer keep it at a small and intimate gathering? If you hold the end of life celebration in a public place, it is important to understand that strangers could also stop and join you. (They also will not understand it is a funeral unless you have signage informing them of this).

Work With The City for Fireworks Ordinances

You may have a special place in mind for this celebration. If so, visit with the appropriate city officials to ensure that you comply with their fireworks laws. If you are using a professional to help you plan this event, request that they handle this on your behalf. They may be less emotional and more level-headed if they run into obstacles while working with the city.

Have Someone Take Photos and Videos

Many individuals fear that they will forget characteristics of their loved one over time. Additionally, it is common to fear forgetting details from their end of life celebration. Since this is such an emotional event, it is important to ensure you have someone capture it for you. Click here for additional advice on overcoming the fear of forgetting.

Place a Memory Stone or Plaque

Prior to or after the fireworks you may desire to place a small stone or plaque honoring your loved one’s memory. The place where you choose to have this end of life celebration will always be a special place to honor your loved one. One of my favorite ideas is adding this beautiful bronze butterfly to the surrounding landscape.

Bronze Swallowtail Butterfly Memorial – Perfect for Mounting to Rocks or Trees

I love the way this memorial mounts to stone or wood. You can mount it to a rock, tree branch, fence post- just about anything. You can click here to learn more about this product.

Wait Until You Feel Confident

Choosing to honor a loved one in a unique and personal way is a special step in the journey toward healing. It is also a very personal and big decision to make. No matter what you choose to do, it is important that you feel confident about your decision. For pointers on honoring someone you love, check out this post for tips from Elise, one of our licensed funeral directors at Emerson Monument

When you lose someone, feeling sure or confident about anything can be difficult. While this may not feel normal to you, it is normal. Take as much time as you need and only have the event when you feel ready. If you have family or friends asking you about your plans, explain that you are still considering your options and need their support and understanding.


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  1. I love unusual memorial ideas and hope our culture starts to have more discussion around how we want to be remembered when we die, including wild and unusual ideas like this.

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